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Current News

Fall Fish and Tree Sales are underway...
The fall tree and fish sales are underway and you can find an order form by stopping in our office, the electronic newsletter or by clicking the links on the sales page of our website. The order deadline dates are on the order forms. If you would like one mailed to you, please let us know. And as always, let us know if you have any conservation needs or concerns. Thank you.
Conservation Education Penny per Acre.....

At a recent board meeting, one of the Foundation Board members came up with the following idea. If you would like to further the education of the youth and teachers in Whiteside County, here is an opportunity. We are starting a new initiative to raise funds for the Conservation Education Foundation. We are asking concerned rural land owners to donate a penny per acre and homeowners with out large acreages, to donate between $5 - $10. All of this money goes back to the classroom with no administrative expenses taken out. Some examples of past projects the Education Foundation has funded include: Beehive at the Andresen Nature Center, an educational Butterfly Garden at the Fairgrounds, instructional technology equipment for River Bend School District. Other varieties of activities funded by the Education Foundation are: Kindergarten coloring contest, 1st grade Native flower bulbs, 2nd grade Circle of Life Bracelets, 3rd grades Native Dogwood shrubs, 4th grade's Conservation day in Savanna IL, 9-12th grades annual Envirothon and all grades are offered a poster and photo contest. The Foundation depends upon donations for all these activities and the donations are tax deductible . If you are interested please phone us at 815-772-2124 ext 3. Thank you.

Passing on some information for Pheasants Forever. Call any number listed on the flyer for more details. Thank you.



General and Continuous CRP Sign Ups:

General Sign up will be December 2015 through February 2016. Contact FSA for more details on the general or continuous sign ups. 815-772-2124 ext. 2. Thank you.

Natural Area Guardians

If you are interested in preserving the lands natural beauty and would like to volunteer to help the with the native areas, please see the info listed in the Natural Area Guardian section of the website. To become a NAG member or if you have any questions, comments or concerns, they can be directed to our office at 815-772-2124 ext 3. 


 Please click the link to view the 2015 Summer Newsletter 
If you would like to receive our e-newsletter, send your email address to  whitesidecountyswcd@hotmail.com or call the office at 815-772-2124 ext 3. If you don't have email and would like a copy in the mail, by request only, give us your name and address and we will send one to you. Thank you for your support.


 Fruit Trees

We offered Gold Rush and Enterprise Apple Trees again this Spring, as well as Starking Delicious Pear and Bartlett Pear.  These Apple Trees come from Stark Bro's and are high quality nursery trees.  Caliper - 7/8" Approx. Height - 5-7'

These trees should be used for conservation purposes for wildlife and insect pollination.  They should not be planted on CRP acres.

We appreciate the orders so that we are able to secure the best trees available. Contact our office to place your order.

Thank you!

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2015 - 4th Grade Conservation Field Day
is set for Thursday, September 24th 2015 at 
Palisades State Park

  See Education section for more details.

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